Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It being a natural beastie(I'm assuming) there'd be no PUFF,

but it'd be something real interesting to find.
One such series of events that I remember vividly to this day, were a series of reports of 'flying monsters' that came out of Texas in our nation's Bicentennial year (1976).

Sounds more and more like Bill Gates needs his 'upgrades' shoved up his ass.

Our last nasty weather, in my area, was 'Rain like hell, then sleet/snow/freezing rain'.  Not nearly as much ice as last time, happily.  But go west and it got worse, and west of that snowed like hell.  East of here, record rainfall, which means flooding all over.

December in Oklahoma.

Glad as I was the ice didn't get too bad, I was also glad of not much snow; trying to shovel the stuff with one arm isn't fun.

Shoulder's improving, but every time the weather shifts the ache sets in again(though not as badly as before).  I'm going to be real glad to see spring for another reason this year.


Phil said...

I found this gizmo at The earth Bound Misfit's place and it freakin' works.
It gets rid of that annoying Winders 10 pop up ad, it will get rid of any sneaky updates for Winders 10 that have been back doored on ya and will constantly monitor your system to make sure the crap doesn't come back.
Feel free to pass this along.


0007 said...

And don't forget that that poc is set up s that it will automatically download into any machine NOT running it in a couple of years. This is via the "security" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA updates for whatever win platform you are using at he time.

Anonymous said...

Windows 10 is what made me switch to Linux Mint. I went so far as to replace the hard drive and start fresh with Linux Mint as the sole operating system. A fairly painless changeover and it has been very stable since I installed it a couple of months ago.

I do need to use Excel as the LibreOffice spreadsheet version just doesn’t cut it. The LibreOffice versions of Word and PowerPoint work well. The Linux email program Evolution looks and acts very similar to Outlook.

For running Microsoft programs that you need you can use an emulator such as Wine, PlayOnLinux, etc., without the burden of running Microsoft 7/8/10 as a virtual machine. I use the Codeweavers Crossover program and it runs Microsoft Office 2010 well. Not all Microsoft products will work under an emulator though.