Friday, January 01, 2016

Something I plan to write more about later

This trigger set.
There's enough drop-in triggers for ARs out there to boggle the mind, everything from milspec(which range from 'not bad' to 'execrable', and from a few bucks to hundreds.  Well, at the range the other day a guy had a AR in .300 Blackout that he'd built that had this trigger set in it.  Comes with two hammer springs, one for 4.5#, one for 5.5#.  He was very happy with it.

I got to put a few shots through it.  This was left-handed from a rest(so no pressure on the right arm/shoulder), and I was impressed.  Absolutely clean, no creep or drag.  I really want to try this again when I can shoot more.

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Pawpaw said...

Giselle, or AR Gold. I'm jus' sayin'.