Sunday, June 21, 2015

Because now it's a 21-year-old,

who- by the way- may have served in war, sent there by this clown- who shouldn't be able to buy a handgun.

Gee, wonder what he thinks the proper age should be?

You'll notice also that it's now mass shootings were “unique” to America because of its gun laws, adding such events don’t happen as often in other “advanced countries.”
A: How the hell can it be 'unique' to here if it happens in other places?
B: Goalpost moved: now it's don't happen as often since he's been slapped with "The hell it doesn't happen in other advanced countries."

Also add this to "The hell they don't want to take your guns."

Comment from Foley over at Insty:
In every State in the country, a 21 year-old is considered an adult. So basically, Obama wants to ban adults from buying handguns.

To be fair, our former adjunct professor of constitutional law taught before the Supreme Court decided DC v. Heller (2008) and  McDonald v. City of Chicago (2010). But surely he’s aware of them now. Oh wait–I’m assuming the current President of the United States actually cares about the Constitution. My bad.

Appropriate for the time of year: a new(to me) method of removing ticks.

Yeah, conservatives should be THRILLED with the idea of trashing the economy and handing another two trillion dollars to the .gov to be wasted.  Right.  In the name of Globular Warmering/Climaty Changering.

Note that Whitehouse is the asshole who wants 'deniers' to be jailed, too.

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skybill said...

Why does the ,gov want to disarm you????
"Because!," You won't get in the "Boxcar" willingly!!
Got That??

Got Gunz>>>>>OUTLAW!!!?,