Monday, June 22, 2015

Nelson and Churchill wept

A call from the British Medical Journal was published several years ago, arguing that “many assaults are committed impulsively, prompted by alcohol and drugs, and a kitchen knife often makes an all too available weapon,” according to the BBC.

Researchers “consulted 10 top chefs from around the UK, and found such knives have little practical value in the kitchen. None of the chefs felt such knives were essential, since the point of a short blade was just as useful when a sharp end was needed.”
"We, the authorities who are smarter than you, have decided you should not be trusted with pointy objects at all, but we will allow you to have short ones in the kitchen.

For now."
These clowns would faint at the chefs knife I made as a wedding present for son and bride.

Britain is soooo screwed.


Jerry The Geek said...



Has anyone noticed that crochet hooks are capable of making an afghan ... albeit not 'quite' so efficiently as Knitting Needles (with their lethal sharp pointy thingies)?

These people are SO screwed!

Anonymous said...

And yet anyone can make a sharp edge out of anything. Cavemen made knives and axes out of round rocks. Jailed prisoners make shives out of almost anything.

UK would prevent a lot more crime by simply not permitting moslem immigration.


skidmark said...

It's never been about what some enterprising individual could or might do. In fact, it's about the polar opposite - how "WE" can control and dictate what the masses can/cannot, may/may not do.

"WE" are wiser than they, and have their best interests at heart. (Right! Let me tell you about this bridge I have for sale.)

Individual though, which leads to individual action is double-plus ungood. Kill it with fire.

(Sorry about mixing metaphors.)

stay safe.