Monday, February 09, 2015

A: Determine who's responsible.

B: Vigorously apply Cluebat™.  No matter what their rank is.
C: Repeat B until lesson learned.  Then can the stupid bastards.
Elite Army snipers are receiving security training from the SAS amid fears that they and their families will be targeted by Islamic terrorists following a series of blunders.

Defence chiefs published online and in official reports the names and photographs of sharpshooters – a move the snipers say could endanger their lives.

At least 50 troops, including those belonging to elite Parachute Regiment and Royal Marine units, and some who have since left the Army, have attended briefings as concerns increase for their safety.
And, just to increase the stupid,
They are also warned not to carry military identification, remove their names from the electoral roll and to report suspicious activity to police.
Apparently the MoD has been taking lessons in mouthing off from Joe Biden.


Windy Wilson said...

"[R]emove their names from the electoral roll."

Isn't that self-disenfranchiseemnt? I can't imagine a conservative government being able to suggest that as part of a repair for some F***-up it did without the news media not only announcing that such a suggestion happened, but that whoever suggested it is evil. Every day for six months.

Firehand said...

That was my thought, and it's a scary one.