Thursday, February 12, 2015

"I don't hate men, but

I aborted my male fetus, because patriarchy!  And it was liberating!"

It's... amazing, isn't it?

And anyone else have real doubts about her 'violation' on the airplane?

"We got to keep guns away from those colored people."  Take away the "I'm concerned" and 'Public Safety" crap, and that's what he's saying.

Of course, he doesn't care much about the 4th Amendment either; it was a problem for ordering 'his army' to search people at will.


Phelps said...

I have real doubts that she was even pregnant or had an abortion, actually. I think it is all a hoax.

Jennifer said...

I'm with Phelps here. Also, violation=not totally supportive/excited/etc about her 'cause'

Firehand said...

It's entirely possible; between morons with fake rapes, fake assaults and such, she's quite likely completely full of crap.