Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Who are you peasants to judge a Journalist!

Do YOU have a degree?  Just because he lied a few times, what makes you think that's actually a problem?"  Etc.

This boils down to "We want to do the minimum to look like I'm actually trying to stop ISIL, while not actually stopping them."  Throw in “No matter how long it takes, the United States will find and bring to justice the terrorists who are responsible for Kayla’s captivity and death,” President Obama said in a statement., and you've got the mess: these people are expanding, gaining recruits, continuing the mass murder/crucifixions/slave-trading, and all the rest, and this idiot seems to think he can send some cops over to the region to arrest 'the' people responsible.  And then give them lawyers to argue how horrible the US is in a trial, etc.

Obama & Co. don't want to actually 'degrade' ISIL, let alone destroy it; they want to look like they're trying, because that's all that really counts.

Speaking of, there was this crap the other day.  "This was a random attack."
"A muslim attacked a kosher deli and killed Jews, and you're calling it random?"
"He didn't know their NAMES, so yes, it was random and you need to shut up and stop asking questions."
After which, when they fully realized how effing stupid they sounded, they announce "Of course it was anti-semitic!"


Titan Mk6B said...

The only reason o'asswhole is doing anything at all is because he is forced to. Imagine what public opinion would be if he just let it go. Well, the anti-war crowd would be happy.

Left to his own I very much doubt he would lift a finger.

markm said...

Brian Williams lied a few times - so how do we know if _any_ story he reports wasn't made up?