Sunday, February 08, 2015

From the People's Republic of New York City,

Commandant Bratton has a new desire.  Because the cops never have enough power over you.
In addition to stiffening penalties for things like wearing protective body armor, tinting windows and holding police to similar information disclosures that “civilians” (a telling attitude in itself ) are subjected to, Bratton said it would be “very helpful” if charges of resisting arrest were upped from misdemeanors to felonies.
I guess referring to the 'commoners' was a bit too much for him, but 'civilians', well, that's great!

"There's a widespread pattern in American policing where resisting arrest charges are used to sort of cover -- and that phrase is used -- the officer's use of force," retired criminal justice professor and expert witness Sam Walker told WNYC in a December analysis of police abuse. "Why did the officer use force? Well, the person was resisting arrest."
How many times has that turned out to be, in how many reports? 

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B said...

Around here, the first thing an officer says, and before, during and after your "tuning up" is "Stop Resisting!".

I've see people passively laying on the ground and the officer says 'Stop Resisting" over and over so he could claim resisting arrest r to cover a beating. Protests to the chain of command are met with silence...or the offer of charges for "interfering"