Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tab clearing

What's replacing Waxman, and one of her plans.

From the land of Waxman,
After all, Tran escaped the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and “its many intrusions” three decades ago to start a new life in The Land of the Free. 

“Today, I feel almost the same. Even now, we live in USA, and my feeling, the government, not a big difference,” Tran said from his factory outside of Los Angeles.

What Obama wants in his cabinet: a racist who wants to destroy the US.

"But we smelled meth!  Honest, we did!"  But finding some grass justifies the murder.

Cops caught lying under oath, they're 'considering' charges.  If it were you or I, they'd have been filed immediately.

Why are gun bigots such violent bastards?  And so fixated on other peoples' genitals?

If this is true, every bastard involved need to be in that prison AS a prisoner.

Black professor gets sued when white students get sick of everything being about racism.  Theirs, of course.

Yeah, I'll believe they mean it about 'rape culture' when they condemn Swimmer Kennedy and Chris Dodd, among others.

Yeah, while violent men are terrible, violent women are 'empowered'  or some such bullshit.  And free speech only counts if they approve of it.

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