Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The future of Obamacare, doesn't it give you warm fuzzies?

Emails and VA memos obtained exclusively by The Daily Beast provide what is among the most comprehensive accounts yet of how high-level VA hospital employees conspired to game the system. It shows not only how they manipulated hospital wait lists but why—to cover up the weeks and months veterans spent waiting for needed medical care. If those lag times had been revealed, it would have threatened the executives’ bonus pay.

What’s worse, the documents show the wrongdoing going unpunished for years, even after it was repeatedly reported to local and national VA authorities. That indicates a new troubling angle to the VA scandal: that the much touted investigations may be incapable of finding violations that are hiding in plain sight
It's amazing how many people I know who think that this is an exception, that having the .gov completely in charge of everyones' healthcare will make it allllll wonderful.

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newrebeluniv said...

There is no good reason why any government employee should be getting any bonus pay. Even at it's best, it is just extra money handed out fairly to everyone, over and above the Congressional authorized pay.