Saturday, April 12, 2014

The CSGV: attempting to censor speakers

because it's hard to lie about what someone says when people hear it first-hand.
Branca also has received invitations to speak at law schools. He and I spoke at Cornell Law School at the invitation of the Cornell Law Second Amendment Club. Branca also has been invited to speak about the Zimmerman case and the law of self defense at Campbell University Law School and U.C. Berkeley Law School.

CSGV apparently feels that Branca’s views on the Zimmerman case should not be heard on law school campuses. CSGV has gone through Branca’s Twitter feed to find tweets CSGV characterizes as celebrating Martin’s death. Accordingly, CSGV has started urging others not to provide Branca “a platform”:
Because students actually hearing and debating things is bad.  When it's a subject CSGV doesn't want them to learn about, except from the CSGV.

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