Friday, April 11, 2014

Why we're winning: it's fun

Hit the outdoor range the other day*, and after I'd been shooting a while a whole group showed up: family, including three people from Germany over visiting(Dad, Mom and daughter).  They set up a bench and started with a Savage .22 Mag rifle.  Reason I caught some of this is it was also a English practice time: the daughter asked something in German and was told "Use English!"

What she said was(right at the start) "It's been so long!" and either Grandpa or Uncle smiled and said "You'll remember it", and she did.  At the time I left Mom and the elders had gone down to the handgun range, and Dad & Daughter were happily shooting targets at 100 with the Savage.

You don't get that at a "I'm scared of guns and the troglodytes who use them!" screaming session.

Added: tried a 7.5x55 load, a 200-grain gas-checked bullet sized .311 over 16.0 of 2400 from the K31; shot a nice, tight group, around 2" at 100 yards.  Only had five(try it before load a bunch), so I'll be loading more of these for further trial.  Velocity was about 1550fps, and it dropped a LOT compared to the 150-grain cast(let alone factory ammo); I'll have to figure out the sight elevation change for this load.

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