Monday, April 07, 2014

"Yes, my deputy is a pushy bastard who grabbed a camera

just because he didn't want to be on video; I don't care, and I'll defend him no matter what bullshit I have to say!"  And bullshit it is, especially when the deputy says “We don’t need you calling people,” just before he grabs the camera.

Well, Sheriff Scott, I hope someone you treat so sues the ass off you and your agency; maybe that'll get your attention.

Eric Holder wants to force people to use unreliable tech that will make your gun unusable when you need it; bit surprise, isn't it?  Especially when you read
The technology also seeks to allow remote disabling, called Wide Area Control, of firearms in certain areas, such as airports and schools.
Or anywhere else the authorities decide to use it.  Like a neighborhood.  Which means, since there will always be pre-requirement and illegally modified guns the bad guys will use, means honest citizens who use such crap will be disarmed.

Oh, and let's not forget the cops; THEY won't have to use the stuff.

Maybe we should just start calling them all National Socialists; so many of them seem to have this thing about Jews...

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Windy Wilson said...

Considering that my Uncle carried lead around in him for 33 years because a criminal he was arresting got hold of his service revolver, I think these "Smart guns" ought to be issued FIRST to all the LEO's. Then, after, say, 10 years test, to see how they work, it might be ok to consider extending use to others. Not before.

And I can see the use of the wide area disabling feature to be preemptively used on, say New Year's Eve and Holiday weekends in a display of prior restraint not seen since the Civil War, for the good of the people.