Monday, April 07, 2014

Some new grip screws came in,

and I like them.  Close up

and from a bit more distance

No, I'm not Jewish, I just like the design.  You can find them here, along with four other designs.  Come with o-rings to put on the shaft if needed, and a hex key for installing.

They're connected with the folks who make these grips, and DAMN!, if I wasn't using the CT grips I'd be looking real hard at some of these; 'shiny' doesn't cover it.

Hmmm, maybe after I get the Kimber frame rebuilt and put on the .22 top end...

Further on the continuing work:
The big thing is I undercut the trigger guard just a bit, and polished the ramp a touch.  Yes, there will be pictures; that's going to be a separate post.

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