Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why You're Not Officer Friendly Anymore(Reason #237)

Equipped with handcuffs, walkie-talkies and fake badges, Manning and Engel planned to disguise themselves as federal marshals arresting the victim on a warrant, according to the charges. Once they had the businessman in their car, they planned to take him to a Northwest Side storefront they dubbed “Club Med,” which had been outfitted with restraints, an industrial sink and other equipment for carrying out the murder, prosecutors allege.

The planned torture included genital mutilation, which Engel reportedly described as like "slicing a banana split." The details come from the latest court filing in the case.

As if that weren't enough: Vice reporter Rania Khalek spoke to Angel Perez, a filmmaker who alleges he was "was beaten and sodomized with a gun by Chicago police officers until he agreed to be a drug informant" back in October 2012. The reason for the alleged intimidation? Perez was working on a book and documentary about the Jon Burge torture scandal.

Another look at the mindset of the CSGV and other Laddites.  Ain't pretty, folks.

Something else to beat the communists and socialists with: their chosen ideology has a LOUSY record on Mother Gaia.
Sten Nilsson, a Swedish forest ecologist who was kicked out of East Germany in 1986 for his efforts at collecting data on the health of its forests, said in April 1990 that many forests were “dead, completely” and described the country as “on the verge of total ecological collapse.” The environmental policy of the communist government, according to then Environment Minister Karl-Hermann Steinberg in 1990, “was not only badly designed but didn’t exist.”
Perhaps nowhere suffered more grievous environmental harm than the town of Bitterfeld. Translated as “Bitterfield” in English, its name under the communist regime would prove apt. Pronounced by Der Spiegel as Europe’s dirtiest town, Greenpeace as well as government statistics suggested it may have been the filthiest in the entire world. Home to a variety of manufacturing facilities which spewed a witch’s brew of chemical and industrial byproducts into the air and water, Bitterfeld was nothing less than an environmental horror show.I remember the time after the wall came down, when West Germans started going into East Germany and coming back, and the horror stories they brought back.  And they WERE horrible; one of the costs the West (soon to be just)Germans were looking at was what it was going to take just to start cleaning up the mess Communism had made.

Well, isn't that a surprise:
The FBI is not planning to file criminal charges involving the Internal Revenue Service's extra scrutiny of the Tea Party and other conservative groups, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing law enforcement officials.
Obama's 'Justice Department' isn't going to charge Obama's IRS officials for breaking the law.  Real surprise there...

The NSA sucking up all those phone calls and so forth hasn't stopped a single attack; anybody think they'll stop violating us?

More on socialists vs. home-schooling.  They REALLY hate it.
“The institutional Left hates homeschooling, hates it with a remarkable intensity, even though homeschooling recently has come into vogue with a certain subset of Park Slope–style progressives. Robin West of Georgetown’s law school has written admiringly of the suppression of homeschooling and regimes under which “parents who did so were criminals.” She writes that homeschoolers are dangerous precisely because of the fact that, far from being docile sheep, homeschoolers are as adults more likely to be politically engaged, which Professor West worries might “undermine, limit, or destroy state functions that interfere with family and parental rights.” For good measure, she notes that many homeschoolers were enthusiastic about George W. Bush in 2000 — quelle horreur. Many others on the left argue that homeschooling should be either banned outright or effectively regulated out of existence.”

And last, because I can't take much more of this, the level of idiocy here is just...
Edward Levine, a Kerry confidant who formerly worked on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, lambasted the anti-terror mandate in a recent analysis for the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.
Requiring Iran to cease its terror activities against the United States could harm the negotiations over its contested nuclear program, according to Levine.

“This language would mean that if, say, Hezbollah were to explode a bomb outside a U.S. firm’s office in Beirut, the sanctions would go into effect (because Iran gives financial and other support to Hezbollah) even if Iran’s nuclear activities and negotiations were completely in good faith,” Levine wrote in his analysis. “So, once again, the goalposts are being moved.”

Having the proper meds for the infection is helping.  A LOT.  Hopefully I can soon get back to the range and have something to talk about other than the bastards trying to ruin us.

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