Sunday, January 19, 2014

Company builds pistol specifically for womens' self-defense:

the Usual Suspects™ lose their minds, as usual.  The idea that
A: The .gov cannot guarantee your safety, and
B: You have the right to protect yourself
makes them start crapping bricks.  They really would rather see a woman raped to death than her carrying a gun and shooting the rapist/s.

“I am horrified, shocked and angered,” says Binalakshmi Nepram, founder of the Women Gun Survivors Network in the north-eastern state of Manipur, who says it’s the government’s responsibility to ensure the security of its citizens.

“It’s ridiculous that the state is talking about arming women… The authorities saying, ‘Hey woman, come there’s a new gun for you which will make you safer,’ is an admission of failure on their part.”
Nepram, I don't know if you're missing something or just don't want to recognize it: the government CANNOT ensure your security.  Really, never could.  And people who're actually free have the right protect themselves, by what means necessary.  Is it that not having an all-powerful state horrifies you?  Or is it the idea of women taking action to protect themselves?

Speaking of the all-powerful and all-protecting state, here's what you get with that:
LaFont and her husband Karl Anders Peltomaa, a professor of physics and math at The Art Institute of New York, were at their home on West 83rd Street last April when Peltomaa had a bad reaction to medication he was taking (he had undergone open-heart surgery a few days earlier). LaFont called 911, telling them they needed an ambulance and her husband was "freaking out," worried about his heart.

The couples' dog escaped the apartment when Officer Anthony Giambra first arrived; LaFont chased after the dog, and when she returned, she found her husband inexplicably against a wall being handcuffed. LaFont instinctively touched the officer’s shoulder and yelled at him to stop; she was arrested as well.

Giambra later claimed that Peltomaa was an "emotionally disturbed person" who “indicated that he was willing to be placed in handcuffs for his protection.” But he also said that Peltomaa fought back, kicking him in the groin and shin. He also claimed that LaFont grabbed him for a full minute. The couple denies those charges completely; Peltomaa says he didn't fight the officer, was confused why he was being handcuffed to go to the hospital, and says the officer shoved him face down on the tile floor, splitting open his chin and dislocating his thumb.
Officer arrests her, lies, prosecutor tries the 'make a plea bargain to lesser charges' bullshit.  Happily, in this case the judge called bullshit; unhappily it appears the officer isn't being fired or prosecuted for abusing authority and perjury.

Ever see Roxanne?  This scene comes to mind:
Considering what's happened/happening to law enforcement, change this to "I would like people to think that, should there be a crime or need for help, calling the police would be a WISE thing to do!"  As opposed to a chance to be abused, arrested and lied about by some clown with a badge.

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