Friday, June 21, 2013

"We've stopped LOTS of terror attacks with our violations of the Constitution

(in our dreams)!"
In a way it wouldn't seem as bad, if these bastards didn't lie about EVERYTHING...

Sen. Tester and Murphy: I wonder if that oath about the Constitution every meant anything to them, or if they just slowly gave up on it?

Y'know, it seems like it's always places that really don't like the commoners having arms that have this tendency to lie so much about crime rates.

"Your information is safe and private(except for all our loopholes you don't need to know about)!"


Luton Ian said...

Found in the comments to the grauniad's loophole article

suggested open source alternatives to the quizzlings spyware

Luton Ian said...


was "inadvertant" the purpose of the google cars picking up everything wireless as they went around neighbourhoods?

Is that who sponsored google to do it?

I seem to remember a firefox plugin called "down them all" which would download all of the back posts from a blog - if you should ever feel like moving its home.