Thursday, June 20, 2013

I have to say that Chris Christie would be the final straw...

I have been as pragmatic as anyone on wading through this political cesspool...sucked it up for McCain...sucked it up for Romney...but I will be damned if I'll cast a vote for an antigun floating...well, whatever it is that floats in Chris Christie. I'll stay home. Well, I'll vote in the other races, but if the Republicans put up a violently antigun candidate like Christie and expect the gun vote to turn out to bail their asses out yet again, they'll get the oblivion they so richly deserve.

Whyever would anyone have any problem with the EffingBI investigating and almost always clearing itself?[/sarcasm]

When 'harassment' translates to "We want to punish you for not kissing our ass."

Another view on drama queen Heidi Yewman:
The drama is exhausting and breathtaking.  But the thing that really worries me isn’t that she has a gun.  It’s that bimbos like this can purchase an SUV the size and weight of my Ford F150 and drive it down the road with screaming kids in the back whilst jabbering on the cell phone attached to her ear, after qualifying with a driving test that a monkey could be trained to take.

Makes you stop and ponder, no?  It’s one reason I drive so defensively on the road nowadays.

Only a matter of time: motorcycle helmets with HUD.

Well, that terrorist was shot by guns(used by law enforcement officers, but nevermindthat), so by Bloomberg's 'reasoning' that WOULD make him a gun-violence victim!

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Gerry N. said...

I liked what I saw of Christie at first, then his true lefty Noo Joisy colors began to show. Another RINO polically to the left of Marx and Engles. Let him cuddle with the pResident and the Nationalsozialistische Amerikaner Demokratische Partei