Friday, May 03, 2013

Sean has words for the blood-dancers

Here’s what’s really going on. You assholes are pretending to care about this girl’s death so that you can use it to push for stricter gun control laws. You are using this girl’s death as a weapon to attack the gun company that makes the Crickett rifle (Warning, ThinkProgress) her brother was playing with. You don’t give a shit that tens of thousands (at least!) of these rifles have been sold to parents all across the USA. You don’t give a shit that these tens of thousands of rifles are used safely to teach children and small adults to shoot. 

No, the only reason you give a shit at all about this poor little girl from a gun owning family in a flyover state is because you think you can use her death to advance your political agenda. At some point, when you were down on your knees scooping her blood up in your hands so you could grease the skids for more gun control, you should have seriously questioned your humanity. 

The fact that you didn’t tells me you don’t have any left.

From back when they were honest and called themselves the National Coalition to Ban Handguns: a look at how some gun bigots' minds work(thanks to Mr. Henick for the pointer).

I see lawsuits in Hagel's future; big ones.

Especially with a bigoted asshole like this chosen as a consultant to the Pentagon to develop new policies on religious tolerance, including a policy for court-martialing military chaplains who share the Christian Gospel during spiritual counseling of American troops.

What say you: is Rep. Carolyn Maloney simply an out-and-out liar, or just a fool?

And to this, I can only say


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Thanks for the link.

Luton Ian said...

The pentagon rules for military chaplains are straight out of the play book of the soviet agitators

Yuri Bezmenov described the process - it is intended to cause cause constant confusion, worry and dis-illusionment.

It is to prepare people to welcome "strong leadership" when it comes

and when it does come, the first ones to get bullets in the back of the head will be all of the agitators, acorn, trades unionists and tingle legged broadcasters - their purpose will be over.

his book, "love letter to America" is available free as a .pdf of a scan on SCRIBD and a few other places, it's well worth reading - as is Jan Kozak's "and not a shot is fired"

Luton Ian said...

On the "right wing" Hungarian discovering his Jewish roots

The article says:

"In a November 2010 interview on Hungarian state television, Szegedi blamed the large-scale privatization of state assets after the end of communism on “people in the Hungarian political elite who shielded themselves in their Jewishness.”"

Now, let's see,

"Far right"
Supports state ownership (of the means of production)...?

as if we didn't already know that "Far right" is the rat bag which anything nasty gets put into, to show "left" as being where all "good things" belong