Sunday, April 28, 2013

A communist dictator agrees with our gun bigots;

big surprise, huh?

Any time a politician comes out with something like  “I believe in the First Amendment as much as any other but-", at that point they should immediately be thrown out a window.

A high one.

This is one of the most idiotic things I've read in a while:
The National Grid is demanding that all new appliances be fitted with sensors that could shut them down when the UK’s generators struggle to meet demand for electricity.

Electric ovens, air-conditioning units and washing machines will also be affected  by the proposals, which are already backed by one of the European Union’s most influential energy bodies. They are pushing for the move as green energy sources such as wind farms are less predictable than traditional power stations, increasing the risk of blackouts.
Yeah, FAR better to cut off services and screw up peoples' heaters and a/c and whatever than to, say, BUILD MORE POWERPLANTS, right?

Fucking idiot greenie bastards.

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Keith said...

Britain has massive shale gas potential.

however, there was at least one tremor which could be felt ... can't have that! orders were issued stopping fracking.

Fracking has also been stopped because it might disturb wintering birds

meanwhile, morcambe bay in particualr and the irish sea coast in general between north wales and the lake district is full of bloody big bird mincing wind turbines - each seeking a five fold subsidy on the power it sometimes and unpredictably produces, then as the wind gets stronger, they all shut down and feather their blades - so there has to be a thermal station running on standby

fascist lunacy