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And yet the Iranian .gov continues mostly unhindered:

"It is also fairly clear that the total German effort was on a very considerably smaller scale than the American effort. This may be due to the strained German economy or to the less favorable attitude of their government. The fact remains that an independent group of scientists, of much smaller size than ours, operating under much more adverse conditions achieved so much.

"We must proceed therefore on the basis that anyone knowing what is in the German reports can establish a chain reaction, provided he has sufficient materials. The Smyth report will give additional very helpful hints. The time when others can establish a chain reaction is therefore no longer a matter of scientific research but mostly a matter of procurement. The policies of our authorities must, it seems to us, be formulated with a clear realization of these facts."
 Back in the 80's there was a big stink when a college student, as a project to save his grade, designed a fission bomb using information available to the general public.  He turned in his paper, and a week or so later called to check on his grade and was told "You got an 'A'.  And your paper has been classified."

An Arizona congressman is asking federal officials why the man suspected of detonating a bomb outside the Arizona Social Security Administration office in Casa Grande was allowed to live in Arizona despite being classified a person who had engaged in "terrorism-related activity."
Aldosary had approached Gosar's office with a request for a "green card" and in November 2011, Gosar forwarded that request to immigration officials.
Gosar said DHS responded by saying Aldosary was not eligible for a permanent change to citizenship "pursuant to the terrorism-related grounds of inadmissibility, and that "individuals who engage in terrorism-related activity … are barred from receiving various immigration benefits."

A: Adjust withholding to pretend things are fine.
B: Hope a deal does come through before people have to write BIG checks to cover the taxes that were  not withheld because of the game.
Yeah, that's a friggin' wonderful idea, isn't it?

NPR, on the other hand, is basically the urban white wing of the Democratic Party in front of a microphone. It really doesn't want to give Lefties a platform to ask liberals embarrassing questions (like, "Gosh, just how long does it take to close Gitmo?") or to spout off with some Lefty hate-speech (e.g. New Black Panther Party), which might remind NPR listeners that their side is no where near as rational & nice as they think they are.

 On the murder of Kasandra Perkins:
She was a victim, a victim, a victim. Get it? If she'd dared to redefine herself, it would only have been worse. Grandma and baby might have died in a gun-slinging shootout. Now, get in this box that we've prepared for you, young woman: the victim box. Too bad that in your case, the victim box is a coffin.

 Over in Californicated,
This case seems to me the making the arrest of a small time drug dealer into a big thing merely for publicity purposes . The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department gets to throw around buzzwords like "assault rifle", "extremist", "white supremacist", and never has to name what, if any, organization that Laux is in cahoots with. The media just laps it up because it fits their own preconceived notions. The Sheriff's Department will be lauded for taking down this dangerous racist extremist before he could rain death and destruction on those kids riding their bikes in the street with his "grenade launcher" and "assault rifles" and the media gets their story. It's a win-win for them and a loss for the truth of the matter.
In the video Ramos says the guy had 'too many guns for personal use'.  Really?  Exactly what is the approved number of firearms and ammo, Ramos?  Or does that change according to who you want to demonize?

Another view on the Illinois politician caught with a gun in his bag; says he's not what he used to be, and
 The real lesson of this is the lack of any semblance of compassion in the criminal justice system. We have laws for reasons, but justice for the sake of being punitive is not justice. What is absolutely appalling is the lack of any reasonableness in evaluating the situation and the circumstances around it. Instead we have a notorious anti-gun states attorney, who due to her own ineptness, can’t look past the totality of the situation in these cases, the flight attendant or Senator Trotter, and see that justice is not being done. Instead she clings to her disdain for firearms and people who would own them or even want to carry one for self protection. At a time when other states’ attorneys are publicly announcing that they will not prosecute people with FOID cards and no evil motives from carrying a firearm for self defense, we have Anita Alverez who wants to make an example out of people who make a mistake.

What is really glaring is the lack of proportion. Ms. Alverez was the COS under Dick Devine who in prosecuting Tyrus McCants for gun running, the illegal transfer of 3 or more firearms racked up the whopping sentence of 18 months probation on what is a class 1 felony – for supplying firearms on the streets of Chicago.

Yet Senator Trotter and a flight attendant should be made out as felons for a simple mistake, facing 1 to 3 years and a host of fines and legal costs. Which should offend our sensibilities more; the lack of common sense in the prosecution of these cases, or the inattention to detail that led to these charges?

If nothing else, maybe being exposed directly to what happens to plain old citizens at the hands of the TSA and clowns like Alverez will give some enlightenment on matters.

Just started reading Let's Pretend This Never Happened; short review:
This lady is friggin' nuts.
Couple of examples:
...Druggies can be surprisingly judgmental.  It's pretty much the only social circle where the same people you just  witnessed shooting horse tranquilizers up one another's butts will actually look down at you for not being as cool as them.  Unless maybe there's some sort of horse-enema-fetish social circle, which I'm not sure exists.  hold on, let me check the Internet.
Ohholyshit.  Do not look that up, y'all.
Also, whenever i read this paragraph to people who don't live in the South, they get hung up on the fact that we had furniture devoted to just guns, but in rural Texas pretty much everyone has a gun cabinet.  Unless they're gay.  Then they have gun armoires.

There are times you read something like, say, Flashman, and wonder how he might have, oh, embroidered some things a bit.  Then you read a bit of straight history, and wonder if it would be best to pull the decent people out of Afghanistan and nuke the place from orbit, just to be sure....

What?  A problem with reintroduced otters?  Damn.
Speaking of critters, those are some damn big wolves.

Last, me too: I hope Zimmerman gets rich as hell from this.

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