Wednesday, December 12, 2012

That was interesting

At the range this morning.  I'd just finished a string and was stretching my hands when the guy who'd fired several rounds from a scattergun attracted my attention: "Excuse me", and waved me over.  So I walk over. 
"Do you know how to load this?"
Remington 870.  So he'd apparently carried it to the range with the magazine loaded by someone(God, I hope he hadn't had one in the chamber), emptied it, and had no idea how to reload.

And he either DID have one in the spout, or pointed it downrange, snapped on the empty chamber and then racked it, because the location of the bolt release seemed to be a secret to him.

First actual Cletus I've dealt with in quite a while.


Sigivald said...

Well, I suppose you gotta learn sometime... but that's not encouraging.

Me, I download a manual for every firearm I acquire used, unless the operating principles are already familiar.

But I'm not Cletus.

Phelps said...

I think I would have puckered up pretty tightly in that situation.