Monday, December 10, 2012

Jennifer has a question

about what you do with your piece/holster while trying on pants.  Along with butt comments(she's talking about the pistol butt, you bastards).  One of which:
Second, don’t ever complain about having a big butt. There’s plenty of Deagles and Sigs out there that think they are LCPs, and plenty of LCPs that complain that they are Deagles. The fact that you can conceal that beast means it is not that big, And, yes, that metaphor applies to women’s posteriors too. Until someone sticks a harpoon in your tush, SHUT UP about it already and be glad there is someone out there that wants to put their hands all over your butt (you decide whether I’m talking about your gun or your tush).
Room for lots of comments there, oh yes.

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