Saturday, September 01, 2012

Heart, now

and then

Yeah, their politics kind of suck(Seattle rock band, whoda thought?), but damn, the music they made!

And back when they first came out, and I first heard of them, for the most part I wasn't exactly politically worried about things, 2nd Amendment aside. So if Ann Wilson* had appeared before me and said "I want you! But you should know that someday I'll support the socialists" it would've given me pause for, oh, two or three seconds.


Oh yeah, I had- well, saying "I had a thing for her" would be such an epic of understatement that it would render The Odyssey a piece of fan fiction in comparison.

First of their songs I heard:

And one from a few years later

*No, nothing wrong with Nancy; I just had that thing more for Ann.


Jeffro said...

Heh. You and me both.

I've heard over the years that they aren't the easiest artists to get along with, thus the frequent band member changes over the years.

markshere2 said...

They lost me when they got all liberal bitchy about Sarah Palin Playing Barracuda at a Rally.

Thor said...

Growing up in the lovely Pacific NW in the '70's I probably had more experiences seeing Ann and Nancy in local venues than was good for any healthy teenage male.

Ann or Nancy? That's like asking Mary Ann or Ginger.