Saturday, September 15, 2012

A point of view that should be noted about the "Screw the 1st Amendment"

actions by the administration:
“I went berserk over the L.A.T. Nakoula photo too, but on top of the brownshirted Constitutional debacle, one incredibly consequential point has gotten lost in the shuffle: Could any visual more effectively reinforce the Arab street’s belief that the U.S. government can, in fact, punish blasphemers if it so chooses?”
Yep, that's exactly what this amounts to; how else would you describe it? Even without the (literal)brownshirts taking him away, his name, address, everything else was made public about as quickly as possible, translation: "Here he is, just try not to make it too messy and attention-getting if you kill him. And all you other people, pay attention! Or else."

Prosecuting someone because they broke the law is one thing.

Only prosecuting someone who broke the law, after they embarrassed the administration, is gangster government, extortion, and the road to totalitarianism.
“Probation is not a law enforcement function, it’s under the court. If his probation officer wanted to question him about the use of a computer, that broke his probation fine. But that wouldn’t include questions about making an anti-Islamic movie. It’s irrelevant. That means that the FBI showed up outside their jurisdiction for a reason given by their superiors. The question then is who ordered them there.”

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