Friday, September 14, 2012

Frikkin' murdering neolithic goatherds with AKs

and RPGs...
A Libyan man explains that the bloodstains on the column are from one the American staff members who grabbed the edge of the column while he was evacuated, after an attack that killed four Americans on September 11th.
'evacuated', that's a nice word, isn't it?

Lots of pictures here.

Looks like they're trying to/are burning our embassy in Tunisia.

Closer to home, some of the consequences of Obamacare.

Can we now just say the EPA is part of the enemy?

And, on the EPA,
Under the Clean Air Act, the EPA must grant waivers to approve new fuel blends. After requests from 54 ethanol manufacturers, the EPA decided to authorize waivers for fuels blends of up to 15 percent ethanol, according to the EPA.
Screw the problems for peoples' vehicles, got to keep the ethanol lobby happy, and so forth.

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