Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years ago

About the fourth or fifth time some talking head shakily spoke of 'terror striking into the heartland' I found myself on my feet yelling "What about the PISSED-OFF struck into the heartland, you asshole?"
I still haven't heard any answer to that from the talking heads.

'Bout all I have to say right now.


Sailorcurt said...

Hear hear.

I wasn't "terrified" at all...I was ready to kick some ass.

I think the feelings of terror were pretty exclusive to the coiffed and pampered pundits and celebrities.

I think most of we "real" people had pretty much the reaction you described.

Phelps said...

We weren't afraid.

We were enraged.

We wanted to know two things -- what can we do to help the victims, and who's ass can we kick?

Mattexian said...

And what did they tell us to do? Not "give blood", or "enlist"; "go shopping"!?! "Buy some duct tape and plastic sheeting"?!?

Phelps said...


I went shopping for ammo instead. Turned out to be a damned good investment.