Friday, September 07, 2012

A good piece from Penn Jillette

on not being afraid to say "I don't know." Including this lovely bit:
It's amazing to me how many people think that voting to have the government give poor people money is compassion. Helping poor and suffering people is compassion. Voting for our government to use guns to give money to help poor and suffering people is immoral self-righteous bullying laziness.

People need to be fed, medicated, educated, clothed, and sheltered, and if we're compassionate we'll help them, but you get no moral credit for forcing other people to do what you think is right. There is great joy in helping people, but no joy in doing it at gunpoint

That's one hell of a wedding present. I'd read somewhere that Jolie likes to shoot, don't know of Pitt had to make himself, or if he's ok on firearms.

And in unrelated news, we had a front come through this afternoon; went from 102 to 86 in maybe an hour. And a little bit ago it RAINED! Not much, but it was rain! And it's now 65 out there; should be nice weather for tomorrow.


Storyteller said...

I wonder what French law is on non -citizens and firearms.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about french gun laws but don't really care as I have no intention of ever going there....
BUT you can bet that if there are restrictions the elites will be able to get an exemption..........

Anonymous said...

Angelina and Brad met and hooked up on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They did extensive shooting classes and lots of 2 person training to get the all the shooting and moving in the movie down pat. In one interview, one of the trainers was surprised at how much they both enjoyed the guns and shooting them.


Marja said...

French gun laws: fairly tight, as far as I know you need, for example, to get a psychological evaluation, prove that you have not been convicted of a crime (no idea what crime means here, though, something like a parking ticket or do only felonies count) and you have to register with the police before you can buy one. No idea if it is possible to carry there.

But yes, it's all probably easier for the rich. Or for the criminals, there is supposedly a very lively underground scene for trafficking guns around that part of Europe.