Sunday, September 02, 2012

Just what a carbon tax would amount to:

broke people and a further trashed economy.
"...We’ll also need substantial additional revenue, most of which could be generated by a carbon tax.”
Mr. Frank, this would screw things so badly there's not enough money in the freaking WORLD to 'pay off the deficit' that would result from this idiot idea of yours.

Screw you. You want to pay a carbon tax, write a check; leave the rest of us alone.

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Luton Ian said...

That big default has to come sometime.

I was reading a thing the other day about how to visualise a trillion.

a million seconds is about 12 days,

a billion seconds is about 32 years

a trillion seconds is 32 thousand years.

On the books debt is 16 trillion

Unfunded liabilities (e.g. the healthcare and pensions ponzi schemes) are even bigger.