Saturday, September 08, 2012

The first kilted pic

Which is about as unstylish as you can get. However, it involves
Kilt and
so who cares?

Spent the day with Jennifer, Evyl and their son(whose blog I can't remember the name of)Update: it's Intelligent Trousers making noises and putting holes in things. In the above case, with the K38. Some more pictures to follow tomorrow; right now I'm suffering from lack of time and lack of interest(a full belly of very good Mexican food will do that to you).

Added: this was the first time I've been able to shoot any rifle at a measured distance beyond 100 yards; in this case the M1 Garand with the Ultimak mount and a scope, tried out at 250 yards. Considering I was using Korean PS ball, I'm happy with the result(no pictures of that); but it does call for more shooting(Yay!).

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Jennifer said...

The Teenbot blogs at
Was a pleasure to have you join us. I hope to play with pics this evening.