Monday, August 06, 2012

When you go outside at 8pm and it's right at 100

but with the sun down it doesn't feel bad at all, it's been too hot for too long.

Couple of days ago Tam had a piece on using the BRSUV for more exercise, and some discussion in the comments caused me to get off my ass and try something. My bicycle is a trail-type, which means the bars are almost straight, and they were killing my hands after a while. Suggestion was made to try higher bars; honestly, the idea had occurred a while back, but it got pushed back into a corner and forgotten. After a little 'net browsing(do you have any idea what some bars go for? Geez!), I swung by the "That bike is HOW MUCH?" shop nearby and asked, and it turned out they had some bars for cheap. Picked out one and put it on this afternoon; also had to replace two cables due to the height change. Just finished trying them out; HUGE difference. It'll make it much easier to use it for library runs and such. Now I need a lock of some kind for the store.

Week ago I had to get a new TV*, and the day after set it up ran across this on making a antenna. I dug up some 16-gauge galvanized wire and some 1x3, and had to get some suitable screws. I used the 16-gauge for the connector wires between 'V's, with a bit of insulation between where they cross. For the line to the tv I had on the transformer that plugs to the antenna connector on the VCR, and found some speaker wire: connected the ends of the speaker wire to the connector wires at the center, then to the transformer and plugged it in. It's working great. I may find something to use for reflectors and see if they add anything other than complexity.


Mattexian said...

I need to dust off my bike too, as the wife is on me to go riding with her for our exercise. But first *I* have to air up the tires in *her* trike. I do like my bike tho, calling it my "tin burro" since it has folding basket panniers for carrying groceries or whatever (and it makes fun of the guys with their "iron horse" motorcycles).

global village idiot said...

Glad the fix worked for you.


Tam said...

The fairly narrow, flat, straight bars are good for mountain biking, but not so much so for anything else.

Now git ta pedallin'! :D

(Word Verification, swear to Jim Rawles, is "prepativ".)

NotClauswitz said...

Flat narrow bars hurt my neck and shoulders, I need motocross bars with some leverage. CR High-Bend would be good - they were on the XR anyhow.