Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Damn straight

I mention this because initial reports state that when Evil presented itself in his place of peace and began to slaughter those of his flock, 65-year-old Satwant Singh Kaleka did his level best to punch the ticket of the decades-younger murderer with what the Media has described as a "butter knife" -- a blunted blade, less than four inches in length.

Some Media reports indicate that there was a "trail of blood" from the spot where Satwant Singh Kaleka did his last duty as a Sikh and as a man; others do not mention it.

For myself, I choose to believe that Satwant Singh Kaleka went to his God with a smile on his lips and a bloody Kirpan in his hand.

Hoo-ah, sir


Phelps said...

I've always admired the Sikhs. They've been fighting Islamic terrorism for centuries, and their religion requires them to stand up to tyranny and defend those who can't defend themselves.

They're the closest thing we have to paladins without the Templars. We could learn some things from them.



Windy Wilson said...

There are three things the Sikh religion requires every man to carry on his person at all times. One is the dagger, to symbolize his readiness to protect others from evil, one is, I belive, an iron bracelet, signifying his connection to all other Sikhs and his bond to follow the commandments, and the third I forget.
If those daggers turn out to be neutered because of wussy government officials, I'm Reeeeeealy peeved at the officals, and reeeeeeealy impressed that Mr. Satwant Singh Kaleka did not let the failure of said officals stop him from trying to do his duty.