Friday, June 01, 2012

At least publicly, the Mexicans are pretending

Fast & Furious was 'botched'; and the Democrats are still lying about the numbers of guns. Anyone want to bet this crap shows up in "This is why the UN treaty is needed" speeches?

Know people who still insist the Bush tax cuts were 'only for the rich'; they won't like the results if they're dropped. And they'll blame Bush for the problems.

Why might the Poles be so upset about that idiotic comment? Besides having been betrayed by socialists/communists in the past, and the "No missile defense for you after all because it upsets the Russians" and such.
And I suspect the reason guys like this aren't much better known is they didn't like their communist 'saviors'; and wound up being murdered by them.

And Caleb likes the kilt.


Mattexian said...

Heh, me and Sabra (of Trailer Park Paradise) have commented about kilts (for guys, and skirts for the ladies) being a good clothing choice for the Zombipocolypse, so that when one has a chance to use the bathroom, one doesn't literally get caught with pants around your ankles!

Firehand said...

Y'know, I hadn't thought of that part