Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What is this thing the gun bigots have with lists?

They're desperate to have legal power to put us on a list; if not by making us get a license, or register our firearms, then
There is no national database on who has the weapons, something Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, thinks needs to change.
they BADLY want a list of people with CCW permits. I really don't know if it's general "We want a handle on you" or if it's their socialist "The serfsmasses must be controlled and this is a start" showing through.

Which goes right along with the tyrant wannabes pushing the current "This will get the US under our thumb" treaty.
Predictably, the UN negotiations have attracted the attention of gun rights organizations. And that in turn has got some folks on Capitol Hill engaged. For the most part, the fears articulated by these voices are untethered from the actual substance of the negotiations, which will not include domestic arms productions and transfer. …

At the New York roundtable, I had an exchange with Jeff Abramson, who coordinates the civil society effort on the issue. While insisting that NGOs would not support a deeply flawed treaty, he argued that even an imperfect document may change international norms and facilitate domestic steps against dangerous arms transfers.
And since they think ALL transfers between private citizens, or a store and a private citizen, are 'dangerous'...

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Keith said...

Registration leads to confiscation.

If they don't know where they are, then they can't come to get them