Friday, June 01, 2012

Why "People have a right to know who has a permit" is bullcrap

As a sexual assault victim, I would like to express my deep gratitude for the recent signing into law of House Bill 4045, the bill protecting the privacy of concealed handgun license holders in Oregon. Many crime victims cannot come forward to tell why this law is so important, and I've made the conscious decision to speak out to help protect others who cannot, just as I did when I agreed to testify, to help convict my perpetrator so he could not harm others as he had me.
Bravo, Miss Lucas, for speaking out

Booby-trapped flashlights in the Phoenix area.

Remember that idiot Moriarty in Texas, jailed a girl for 'truancy'? Apparently having lots of people know what a moron he is had an effect.
In a comment someone wrote about the reversal ...he did not want to look stupid. Guy, that train left the station a LONG time ago.

A bit of a rundown on the racial bullcrap our noble gun-smuggling AG is throwing around.


Windy Wilson said...

As for the "People have a right to know who has a permit" BS, I have just two words to say:
Rebecca Schaefer.

Keith said...

An illustration of each government intervention throwing up unintended consequences, which, if the original intervention isn't withdrawn, require further interventions...

With constitutional carry, there is no need for CCW licensing and records, and no need for privacy laws.

Windy, I googled Rebecca Schaefer. agreed, a tragic illustration.