Sunday, February 26, 2012

Over the next couple of weeks Life will intrude,

so may or may not be much/any blogging. Do have a couple of things:
I've mentioned Catmatyx before: if you'd tried putting this stuff on him, you'd be lucky not to bleed out from the attempt.

This is just freakin' cool: a camp stove that produces the power needed to run the fan. And can charge things that have a USB plug.

I'm at the point of 'Screw the Afghans; let them stew in the pot they choose.' I'm sick of them demanding we serve them, pay them, grovel to them, and murdering our troops. Fuck the place
They've got him: Afghan officer.

Unlike Tam, my thought was "We have lots of clean electric delivery trucks(but let's not talk about making the batteries or the power plants to charge the things)!"
Of course, the truth may be why they have no problem whacking the singing frogs and the pixies.



Sigivald said...

On the stove, what I notice I don't see is a spec for power output.

If it's not a full, say, 5 watts, it's going to be utterly pointless.

And is in fact probably pointless anyway, in terms of useful charging, unless one wants to feed it twigs for two hours straight.

(Now, for running its own fan off a thermocouple? That's useful. I'm just dubious about the charging thing.)

Keith said...


here's a link to yet another anti gun campaigner getting caught out for telling porky pies in her speech top the British labour party conference.

Apparently she wants to be Prime Minister - she certainly has one of the qualifications: pathological liar.