Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Having some time, I want to start this morning with Dax Shepard,

a actor who thought he had a great observation. Till people told him what they think of his observation and his brainpower in general.
McQ says Shepard couldn't hold a SEALs jockstrap; I'd put it 'Couldn't carry a troops' jockstrap', period.

Various Democrats are saying "Take oil from the strategic reserve and release it to quiet the peasants!" Except when they're called on it, then they say it's not a good idea. You'll notice that not one of these clowns says "Let companies start drilling." Oh no, because
A: It would actually work, and
B: It would actually work.
And they don't want that.

The plot is not Hitchcockian: Some bad guys are going to try and do bad things to America. A bunch of SEALs are attempting to stop them, mostly by shooting them in the face. They don't sit around and anguish over the deep meaning of shooting terrorists in the face, either; they make like a Nike commercial and Just Do It.
Time allows, if it's still in theaters, I'm going to have to see this.

"Some of us are having so much sex we can't afford it, so YOU should pay for our birth control!" No, I'm not kidding.

Obama's Energy Secretary says "Screw you people, I WANT gas prices higher."

And from Keith, another gun bigot who's also a liar:
It was among the most emotional speeches at last year’s Labour Party Conference.

A young anti-crime campaigner, Narraser Gordon, was given a standing ovation from MPs including Tessa Jowell and Yvette Cooper when she movingly told how eight members of her family had been murdered.

But now it has emerged that most of the ‘victims’ the campaigner claimed had died are in fact alive and well.


Windy Wilson said...

So Narasser Gordon accuses her opponents of "PR stunts", which bad deed apparently does not include making up s**t to bolster one's weak case.

The most charitable thing I can say about her is that she uses her imagination rather than her memory.

The WV was eDirt. That in itself is funny enough, that's the only kind of dirt today's kids are ever exposed to. I can't think of a real punchline.

Sigivald said...

Mr. Shepard appears to have not understood the most salient difference between Riefenstahl's work and this film:

Act of Valor was not made by or for the State.

(There are other differences, and relevant ones, but that's the most obvious and important.)