Friday, March 02, 2012

The anthropologists have something to argue about

Or are back to this argument. Which will again involve name-calling and hair-pulling and various people being told "I don't want you in my club anymore!"

I don't know if you remember a lot of the screaming over Kennewick Man being found to have some caucasoid features; it was loud and nasty. This ought to add to it nicely.


Keith said...

I thought the archaeological evidence linked the monolithic tools to Europe at around 25k BC, whereas following tools up the west side to the Berring straights, yielded typical Asian polylithic tools datable only back to around 12 to 14k BC.

This tallied with mitochondrial DNA (inherited down the female line - so we can't blame French fur trappers for the DNA)from native Americans in the great lakes area, which showed European affinities, but with a separation from European populations estimated at around 25k BC.

Such inconvenient evidence annoys racists on both sides

Marja said...


I don't remember the research well enough to be able to find anything about it in the net now, but I do remember reading, years ago, something about the Finnish people and at least some American Indians having some sort of genetic marker in common (or possibly something like a very rare blood subgroup), something which was found among us, among some American Indians (but not only in areas Finns settled during the last centuries), if rare with both groups, and pretty much nowhere else. Since there is also proof that some of our ancestors came from Siberia, or through Siberia, I think the speculation was that this whatever was something originating among some people living there once (but not anymore) and picked up both by a group coming this way and ones going across the Bering Straits.

But presumably it could also be because there was traffic across the Northern Atlantic way back when.