Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ultimak Garand mount, first test

Took it to the range yesterday with 32 rounds of my cast-bullet loads to sight-in and generally try it out.

I like it. Even with the somewhat-high rings, no problem keeping a solid sight picture, and nothing shifted/twisted/loosened. True, these loads are lighter than ball; still, I don't foresee any problems with the mount not staying where it should. Looking forward to weather and time so I can take this to the 100-yard range for some more work. And everyone who saw it really liked the appearance, as well as the ability to put a optic right over the bore.

While I'm thinking about it, thought I'd pass this along on the Rock Island 1911 pistols. A while back son decided he wanted a .45, and he wanted a 1911. He and his sister both have really good research abilities: give them something they want/need to find out about and they'll find everything. Everything he found on these said 'they're solid, they work, and if you are one who has a problem they fix things fast'. Plus, he wanted something he could try his hand on a modification/tuning without worrying that he might screw up a expensive pistol, so he got one of their Officer's Model size. That was a year or so ago, and he's had zero problems, ball and hollowpoints both.

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Knitebane said...

My EDC piece is a Rock Island SC. The wife's range gun is a Rock Island Tactical.

Neither of us could be happier.

I posted a picture of my Rock recently...