Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rep. Schultz: with great feeling I must say

fuck you, you lying little sack of crap.

Somebody with Photoshop or something needs to put a German helmet on her: between the name and her know-nothing mind, it would fit nicely.

The Turks blame The JOOOS! Which reminds me of something:
..."It seems if you are Vorkosigan enough, you can even get away with murder."
...Instead, he stared up unblinkingly, and breathed, "So if you truly believe that, why are you standing in my way?"*

Which reminds me of how, if the various slanderers had actually believed Bush was a dictator, murderer, etc., they'd have been in hiding because not one of them would've had the balls to pull the crap they did.

Heard something about this the other day, the Italians have declared that paying cash for anything of more than 1000 is illegal; I wonder when they'll propose making it illegal to pay for ANYTHING with cash? Or when someone else somewhere else will call for it?

I really don't want to hear some UN clown calling for us to be sanctioned for 'crimes against humanity' and such until the bastards do something about their raping 'peacekeepers'.

Yeah, we're supposed to trust these professional journalisters- er, journalists- to decide what we need to know...

*A Civil Campaign


Anonymous said...

If the lefties believed Bush was a tyrant, they'd worship him like they worship Castro and all the others.

Anonymous said...

Grrr, I was reading pratchett, but now I'll have to go an read Bujold again.