Monday, January 09, 2012

Ultimak Garand mount

I added these shots to the original post, thought I'd toss them up in an individual post as well.

Rifle with mount installed and scope mounted:

A closer look

Here's the underside, with the two clamps pointed to
The mount blends in very well, and nowhere does it come close to interfering with free movement of the oprod. On the forward end it butts against the rear ferrule, so it can't shift forward under recoil. The screws for the clamps go in from the top, and have large hex-key heads for adjusting. And there's plenty of clearance to put on a scope with a big objective, just pick suitable rings. These are high enough that I'll get some lower ones later on.

Really looking forward to sighting this in. Among other things, when I test those cast-bullet loads this will remove some of the 'load or my aim at fault?' question.


Roger said...

I installed a very similar mount from Amega Ranges on my Garand. I used an Aimpoint 2x on it.
Sure helped out with my aging eyes. Made it so I could enjoy the Garand again.


Firehand said...

I've heard of the Amega mount. I decided to go with the Ultimak both from recommendations and due to the fine results I've had with the one I put on my M1 Carbine

Anonymous said...

Please let us all know how well this thing stays situated after a few clips!

Jim in Texas

MauserMedic said...

It'll be interesting following your experiences with this. Best of luck with it.