Monday, December 26, 2011

Couple of things I didn't post yesterday, in the heading of

really bad cops:
"Hey, we're not just some lousy commoners, WE should be able to have assault weapons!"

The photo shows the Ohio man restrained inside the Lee County Jail with his body covered in pepper spray.

"This photo is a picture of a man who is strapped to a chair naked inside a jail for hours with a hood over his face. That evokes thoughts of being tortured," says Cleveland-based lawyer Nick DiCello who represents the Christie family
It doesn't 'evoke thoughts of', it IS torture; and every bastard involved should be prosecuted. If they're not, the brass who refuse to act should be fired. At the least.

And found this morning: Diversity, islam-style:
That’s right: the men are identified and individually pictured, but for each female staff member there is a photo of a woman wearing a burqa, so that only her eyes are showing. Not only that, it is the same photo in each case; not a picture of the female staff member at all, but a generic image of a woman wearing a burqa.

More on a lot of leftists with fond memories of the Soviet Union. Especially since they didn't have to live there. Havel, you'd be really pissed.

What Californicated is. It's one of those places you couldn't pay me to live in. And a good shot at what a lot of 'progressives' and amnesty-for-illegals clowns would bring to all of us.
Reporting to the local police or sheriff a huge pile of refuse in your yard — even when the address of the tosser can be found from power bills or letters — or the theft of a tool from the barn is simply not worth the effort. It is not even worth the cost and trouble of activating a high-deductible farm-insurance policy. I guess the reasoning is that you in fact will replace the stolen item, and even if the criminal were apprehended, the costs of arrest, trial, and incarceration — even without the entrance of immigration authorities into the matrix — are too steep for a bankrupt state.

Indeed, farmers out here are beginning to feel targeted, not protected, by law enforcement. In the new pay-as-you-go state, shrouded in politically correct bureaucratese, Californians have developed a keen sense of cynicism. The scores of Highway Patrol cars that now dot our freeways are looking for the middle class — the minor, income-producing infractions of the generally law-abiding — inasmuch as in comparison the felonies of the underclass are lose–lose propositions.

If I were to use a cellphone while driving and get caught, the state might make an easy $170 for five minutes’ work. If the same officer were to arrest the dumper who threw a dishwasher or refrigerator into the local pond among the fish and ducks, the arrest and detention would be costly and ultimately fruitless, providing neither revenue from a non-paying suspect nor deterrence against future environmental sacrilege. We need middle-class misdemeanors to pay for the felonies of the underclass.

One sucky politician kissing the ass of another for political purposes, using our money and endangering our government to do so. Guess which party?

Krauthammer on Eric Holder:
“It’s clearly a cheap shot of an attorney general who is in political trouble,” Krauthammer said. “The reason he is, he is one of the most incompetent attorneys general in U.S. history. He is the guy who brought on gratuitously the fiasco of the KSM [Kalid Sheikh Mohammed] trial in New York that even the Democrats rebelled against. He has led a department that has been either totally ignorant or disingenuous or worse on the Fast and the Furious scandal.”

Krauthammer said this use of the race card was dangerous, particularly when it could stoke “racial animosity.”

“And now he plays the race card,” Krauthammer continued. “I think it’s, to use his word a cowardly use of the race card and it’s unbecoming. It also is dangerous in a country where it can stoke that kind of racial animosity. He shouldn’t be using it. I say it with all due respect. Merry Christmas, Mr. Attorney General.”
I think he misses something: that Holder & Co. WANT to stoke racial animosity, it being part of their standard package of grievance-mongering.

Seems that 'voted for Nixon' quote was a little off: here's the actual:
On Friday, on the New Yorker’s website, the magazine’s film editor Richard Brody offers what may be the first accurate version of the quote I’ve ever seen (I’m assuming it’s accurate because it comes from the New Yorker itself): “Pauline Kael famously commented, after the 1972 Presidential election, ‘I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don’t know. They’re outside my ken. But sometimes when I’m in a theater I can feel them.’”

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Mattexian said...

Re: "assault weapons" for retired Kali LEOs-- even the Swiss make their soldiers turn in their REAL assault rifles (ya know, the FULL AUTO and select fire things that are neutered before selling to us peasants in the US), and if they wish to keep them, the rifles are sent in to be converted to semi-auto and returned to the respective (now- retired) soldiers. The US doesn't do that for OUR soldiers returning with their M4/M16s, converting them to ARs. Should give you a better idea of what each country's gubmint thinks of their citizens, whether we should be trusted with firearms we're already familiar with.