Monday, December 26, 2011

Back when I knew more folks in the local pagan community

once had a discussion of the dates on some festivals, particularly Candlemas: February 2, supposed to be noting 'the first signs of green returning to the earth'. Slight problem: that may work in Britain and northern Europe, but here it's not unusual to have green grass in January. Which brings me to what brought me to mind: I just mowed part of the back yard.

After that erffing hot & dry summer, with some rains everything started growing, and it still is; I have grass six inches tall in the areas I didn't cut today, and the compost heap is piled up again with what I dumped there. Which doesn't include the other bags I dumped in the trash can(grass and all the oak leaves I raked away from the fence).

Ah, Oklahoma.


BobG said...

We're in a hot spell today; it's gotten up to 36ยบ. Usually it's in the low twenties or high teens this time of year.

Marja said...

Heh, not much green to be seen in Finland around Candlemas either, that can often be the coldest part of the year.

Not necessarily this winter, though. It's been way warmer than usually, well above the freezing point of water where I live. We don't necessarily always have snow by now here (normally should happen by the beginning of January though), but usually we do have frost during most of December. Now, a couple of days ago: +10 C.

Kind of nice, actually. Snow makes things look more light, and frost means dry, but I hate icy sidewalks and scraping ice off the windshield when I need to use my car. Or wading if I have to go somewhere before the snow has been cleared - can be fun when the intent is to exercise, not so much when I'm just trying to go to the grocery store.

Firehand said...

Guy at work used to tell me I should move to Alaska, "The cold up there doesn't feel as bad", etc. Finally told him "However cold it 'feels', I don't want to live in a place where I'd spend a large chunk of the year with snow up to my ass."

Unknown said...

Meh. Last year we had a foot of snow on the ground. I've had enough white Christmas crap. Oklahoma may have weird weather, but I can deal.
Yeah, born and raised here. I go outside when I hear the sirens in spring too.

Firehand said...

Used to have a neighbor originally from NY; terrified of the very idea of tornadoes, and it drove her nuts that the guy across the street and I, unless it was pouring rain, would hear the siren and go out to look for the possible airborn vacuum