Saturday, December 31, 2011

The TSA: Stealing your Christmas goods

while 'protecting' you

LinkWhich fits right in with this picture
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Japete: either one of the most dishonest people out there, or someone in serious denial.
Really? 'Unexpected'? 'You'd never have thought that of him'? Jeez.

Also from Weerd, an Anti-Gun Talking Points Collection

No, don't store your piece in the oven. ESPECIALLY a loaded one.
Few years back a gunsmithing mag had a piece by a smith who had a customer walk in with a blob of blue plastic and the question "Can you get my pistol out of this?" He'd stuck his Beretta in the case, then stuck it in the oven for safekeeping. Wife came home from work and turned on the oven to preheat it for the pizza she'd brought home. Happily he got home just a few minutes later, in time to confess to wife, as he pulled his now hermetically-sealed pistol case out of the oven, what that smell was.

The smith wound up putting it in a big pot, filling it up with corn oil and turning the heat on low: as the plastic began melting it would float to the surface and he'd skim it off until all that was left was a very oily 9mm. Lost the grips, but the rest of it was fine.

Good question: if a phone call worked here, why do we have all these terrorized children and dead dogs across the country?

Speaking of the fast-food rejects with police powers of the TSA: Molesting and Humiliating the Handicapped, for fun and power. Plus the fact that so many of them either don't know their own rules, or are lying about it.

No, I will not be out partying tonight; among other things, I really don't like loud bars full of people trying to get drunk.


Marja said...

One of my friends got married to a chemist whose specialty are explosives (Ph.D. level chemist, I think he has, among other things, done some work for the US Army). Hubby did once store something like gunpowder in their oven, which she did turn on when she came home and started to make dinner. No major catastrophe occurred because she noticed there was something in there before the oven had gotten all that hot.

He also later almost managed to blow up something else in the cellar. That was an apartment building, but an old one, with large private cellars for some of the apartments, and he used to mix things there. Burned his hands pretty badly, fortunately there was no large explosion. They weren't very popular in the building after that...

Nice guy, and with genius level IQ, but at times he does have a tendency to act like the absentminded professors in comics.

Firehand said...

Heinlein once wrote about a physicist on the Manhattan Project who was so bad that an unwritten order was given: "He will NOT be left alone in a room with any equipment and ANY tool."