Friday, October 07, 2011

Before I collapse, I will note

that it takes longer to take off the fairing pieces from the bike than it does to change the oil and filter that is the reason for taking the damn things off.


Anonymous said...

I agree; having had a "plastic fantastic" for over a decade now, I'm longing for a naked bike.

Way back when, there was an R/90 in the garage with a Vetter Windjammer on it; I never had to remove the Vetter to work on anything. With the ST, there's 45 minutes of Tupperware Takeoff to do anything more than put gas in it. I'm not at all fond of what passes for modern Beemers, and I doubt I could find a 25-year-old R/90 in decent enough shape to be worth it, much less a good-shape Vetter, but the idea is certainly appealing.

Firehand said...

If it wasn't for the fairing being part of the protection for the radiators, I'd be sorely tempted to leave the pieces in storage.