Saturday, October 08, 2011

Now to Gunwalker: six Arizona sheriffs

say "Enough of this crap":
The sheriffs represent Pinal, Cochise, LaPaz, Mohave, Greenlee, and Yavapai counties and are both Democrats and Republicans. They all agreed that it was not a partisan issue for them but rather a feeling of betrayal by the Federal government. According to the report by ABC 15 reporter Lori Jean Gliha, all the sheriffs were united in their call for an independent investigation.
"It's embarrassing to this country and me," said LaPaz County Sheriff Don Lowery. "I've spent fifty years in uniform, and it's embarrassing for me to stand before you and apologize for people that we elect."
Right now, they and a lot of other cops are wondering how many robberies/rapes/murders in their areas were committed with guns that Obama, Holder & Co. ran to the cartels.

Some thoughts about Democrats who are not standing up for Holder; my, there seem to be a lot of them.

Words from Mark Steyn:
Steyn noted the lack of media outrage compared with other scandals in the past.

“Now real Mexicans are dead,” he continued. “Does the president of the United States, does his attorney general, does CNN, does The New York Times, does NPR — do they not care about dead Mexicans?

“I mean, forget the United States Border Patrol guys that were killed about these ‘Fast & Furious’ guns. Real-live, or previously live, citizens of third world countries — the kind of people that NPR, The New York Times claim to love — are dead because of this.”

“Why isn’t that a national scandal?” he pleaded. “This is absolutely a — Iran-Contra didn’t rack of that kind of body count. Watergate didn’t rack up that kind of body count. Sarah Palin’s daughter’s boyfriend’s mother, or whatever stupid story they were chasing around Wasilla for months, that didn’t rack up a body count. There were hundreds of dead Mexicans from a gun running program run by the United States.”
Video at the link. Oh, hell, I'll steal it:

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