Saturday, October 08, 2011

Got a comment on the oil change

Rather, the time needed to remove things to GET TO the filter, and it reminded me of something:
Back when crotch rockets(aka 'superbikes' at the time) were getting popular, some bike rag added a test to their road tests: at some point during the time they had it, they'd park it normally, and them push it over. Then ride to the nearest dealer to get an estimate of what it'd cost to repair the damage to the fairing. Some of the estimates made you think the damn things were made of unobtanium plated with atomized unicorn fur.


Roger said...

Fairing cost - - - Sadly reminds me of a time, one week after I took delivery of my new Ducati 900SS, bright RED!
I accompanied my newly licenced son to an MIC training class. He on his 250 Yamaha Exciter and I on my new Duck.
Upon arrival and parking, something irritated sons 17 year old mind and he gave his Yamaha a kick. Which then fell over - - - right on my new Ducati, which then fell over on its side, smashing a mirror, brake lever, right side fairing,gouged the left side fairing & smalshed the right rear turn signal. Well over $1500.00 of damage. Damage to his Yamaha? NONE.
My son survived, but to this day, I don't know how I allowed him to.

Anonymous said...

I've been told by my dealer that the replacement cost for the fairing(s)on my 1988 Ducati Paeso would cost more then I paid(~$3500) for the bike a couple of years back.