Thursday, June 16, 2011

This I have to stea- borrow

and post:
Gear’s rules
#1 When pouring or transferring materials, the quantity spilled is directly proportional to either it’s value, hazard, or the degree of difficulty in cleaning it up.

#2 Improve our national marital statistics: Stay out of SWMBO’S kitchen with boolit stuff.

#3 Box o’ Truth rule: Shooting stuff is fun.

#4 Just because others couldn’t do it doesn’t mean you will. Think about it.

#5 The mould will finally start dropping gems five minutes before suppertime.

#6 Don’t argue with stupid people, argue with interesting people who happen to be wrong.

#7 Properly stored ammo doesn't spoil, eat, or increase your rent. So stock up.

#8 You can't shoot straight wheel weights, they have to be made into boolits first.

#9 Hodgdon will discontinue the only powder that ever shot straight in your favorite rifle.

#10 Things go awry when you least expect it, and are particularly deficient in armor plate.

#11 Beware the loose nut behind someone else’s reloading press.

#12. If one accumulates more than 1,000 rifle or 2500 pistol cases of a given caliber, it becomes immediately necessary to purchase a gun chambered in that caliber, along with dies, moulds, sizers, top punches, powder, primers, membership to a public shooting center with a long enough rifle range, ad nauseum.

#13 Your best groups will be multiple, 10-shot ragged holes you made with no witnesses and won’t ever be able to duplicate again with the same gun and load, even when alone.

#14 No matter what you think now, you will never have enough gun stuff. Only the President does, he’s got the four long arms of the military, plus about 2500 ICBMs with the trigger in a suitcase.

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Gerry N. said...

Re: Rule 11.

Some years back SWMBO bought a largeish box of reloading goodies for dirt cheap, a true bargain of epic proportions. In the box were several boxes of .308 Win. reloads which I happily ran off to the range with. Thank G-d for Bill Ruger and his blesses #1 Single Shot falling block rifle. I fired one round which felt and sounded like a .300 Win. Mag. After cleaning myself up in the little boy's room, I went home an pulled several bullets. The cases were all filled to the base of the bullets with a flake powder with lots of little blue flakes in it, the loads weighed an average of 35 grains. Yup, it was Blue Dot.

I pulled the remainder of the hundred and twenty or so rounds, using the powder for rose fertilizer. We had the loveliest roses that summer. I havn't fired handloads other than my own since. The laundry bill would be too high.

Gerry N.

Shane said...

Corollary for item #3: Blowing up stuff is also fun.