Friday, June 17, 2011

Lots of stuff's been written

about what to do in a self-defense/shooting situation. Tam points to an article that has some very good advice; I'm going to copy part of it here:
Here's my formula to Finish the Fight:
1. Shoot until the threat is gone
2. Reload, ‘cuz a full gun is a happy gun
3. Move to cover
4. Scan to see if anyone else needs to be shot
5. Call for help
6. Verify incapacitation. Shoot him again if needed
7. Self-assess. If you see red fluid, you’ve been hit
8. Verify incapacitation again
9. Scan
10. Wait!
The priority is shooting until he’s down. Everything else is an after-action. Moving to cover is third and calling for help is halfway down the list

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