Sunday, June 12, 2011

So another vegetarian realizes

his diet isn't cutting it, and decides to start eating meat. But he still can't stop lecturing because HE is making the RIGHT choices to only eat the RIGHT kind of meat, etc. And
While I agree that many meat eaters can be obnoxious, inconsiderate and self-righteous in celebration of their carnivorousness, there is an equally pernicious sentiment among vegetarians that needs to be called out: the false notion that a vegetarian or vegan diet is actually good for you. Like the meat eater who needs to acknowledge the harm they're meting out as a consequence of their dietary choices, the vegetarian needs to acknowledge the fact that their diet is far from ideal.
You'll notice he glosses completely over the fact that lots of vegetarians and vegans are so effing self-righteous about not eating meat that you can't stand to be in the same room with them; no, their only real fault is 'not acknowledging their diet isn't ideal'. This line, for instance:
A vegetarian's choice to avoid meat for ethical or environmental reasons is truly noble. They are willing to sacrifice their own health in order to mete out as little harm as possible. I bow down to these people in deep and profound respect.
I have yet to meet a vegetarian or vegan who even pretended they thought they were 'sacrificing their own health'; the ones I've known truly believed they had not only the morally-correct choice in food, but that it was wonderful for their health. Even when they were going downhill.

A while back daughter found this link and sent it to me: dedicated vegan who ran into real health problems and started eating meat. You want to know why I so dislike lots of vegans, and call bullshit on that 'sacrifice their own health' line above?
UPDATE: Thank you all for your comments, I never expected this post to get so much attention. However, I do not have the time nor the desire to continue moderating comments. Some of you have been amazingly supportive and have shared many thought provoking ideas, and I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, others have made threats against me and my family and that I cannot tolerate. So, thank you all very much for reading my post but I am going to be turning off the comments. I hope you can understand.
Yeah, True Believers don't like apostates, do they? 'Sacrificing their own health' my heat-rashed ass.

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